Saturday, May 19, 2007

Shower Enclosures Door System

Space requirement

Space requirement is the prime factor for choosing a shower enclosure and choice of your desire shower enclosures lie in the space available within your bathrooms. it is not essential to have a wide space to install your shower enclosures, but it is very essential to plan it properly. Your shower should be properly installed and for that your shower enclosures door system should be proper.

Two major shower door system tips

Doors that open out in to the room take more space than the sliding doors

Size of the bathrooms and location of the shower greatly determine the shape and system of the shower door

Shower enclosures door system

Sliding door: sliding doors are very essential for good use of space in small bathrooms.

Folding door: folding doors for small bathrooms

Swing door: swing doors are required for big bathrooms with wide space with full entry width

Swing-glide door: swing glide doors for wide, big and spacious bathrooms with full entry width

Two way doors: two- way doors are very effective for small bathrooms, where doors can be opened both inwards as well as outwards.