Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Shower enclosures installation

Shower enclosures are designed to keep water within the shower area or shower tray that makes your bathroom flour dry and clean. But the shower trays in enclosures are more suitable and advisable than shower curtain. Now days choosing a bathroom product or any product are not a matter of difficulties. Only by sitting at your home you can brows a large number of bathroom shops where you can get your desire items.

Before selecting a shower enclosure try to visit few good bathroom shops to choose the best shower enclosures to see a shower enclosure that will best fit to your bathrooms by acquiring the proper space and beauty of your bathrooms. Ensure that the door is moving in a smooth and effort less manner without being a rapid shaking and also examine the hinges to evaluate its strength. Ask the retailer whether it will be delivered fully assembled or not. It is preferable to have a fully assembled shower enclosure

During the installation of shower enclosures follow the installation manual provided by the manufacturer, as the installation of shower enclosure is different according to your choice and preferences as well as the space of your bathroom. So it is strictly advisable to follow the user manual.

The tray is the base of shower enclosure and it becomes essential to see whether it is properly installed or not and ensure that the tray is properly leveled to maintain the spirit level. Make mark on the wall approximately 1/4th inches in from the edge of the tray and remove the wall panel from the side channel. After drilling and plugging the holes screw the vertically holding channel to the wall. Feel the gap between the channel and wall before tapering the screws.

After completion of all these primary level activities now this is the turn to slide the enclosure side panel into the wall panel. Once it is in place ensuring that there is no leakage and seal under the panels where it adjoins the tray.

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