Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bathrooms Design with Lighting Effects

Bathroom is the most suitable place to heal our daylong stress by its royal treatment. That’s why bathroom remodeling and designing is the most important thing for an ideal family. Designing the bathroom with proper lighting effect is a great challenge for designers.

In order design a bathroom with proper lighting effects, two major bathrooms accessories like bathroom lights and mirrors plays a vital role. Here are some effective tips to make your bathrooms more stylish and designing with the help of these two bath decorating items as follows:

1) Bathroom lights:

A light adds the special effects of freshness and new looks to your bathrooms. When your favorite colored lights scatter in the signing walls give the bathroom a heavenly look. Bright colored lights are preferable to be fixed in the ceiling.

When diffused day light of nature mingle with artificial lights make the bathroom space more pleasant and loving. To pour the lightning effect in your bathrooms, you should know few of its popular ranges as bellow

Down lights & Shower lights
Spot Lights
Ceiling Lights
Wall Lights
Mirror & Shaving Lights

2) Bathroom mirrors:

No one can think a bathroom without mirrors. Not only mirror adds beauty to the bathroom but also make the appearance of the bathroom bigger. Placing mirrors in appropriate areas reflect light and make bathrooms brighter.

Bathroom mirrors increase the shiny quality and trigger the drama of your bathrooms, which can be used to reflect the favorite objects in the bathroom.

Some popular mirror ranges are:

Luxury mirrors
L.E.D mirrors
Clarity sensor mirrors
Magnifying mirrors
Illuminated mirrors
Back-Lit mirrors

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